An interactive 2D modelling tool.

Sketch of Simplified Aquifer

This website provides an interactive tool to model the flow field of simplified two-dimensional floodplain aquifers interactively. The focus of the tool lies in the lateral hyporheic exchange flux. It is driven by the unequal width of floodplains that typically have narrow cross-sections on inlet and outlet. The problem is defined by the following boundary conditions:

  • fixed head on the west
  • fixed head on the east
  • perfect hydraulic contact to river in the south
  • fixed influx from the north
Anisotropy of hydraulic transmissivity is allowed in the two principal directions. The shape of the northern boundary can be arbitrary.

Click on the laptop symbol to visit the full repository, including the Matlab & Python source code of this project. A Matlab example of the code's usage is given below. The repository also contains Matlab scripts to recreate all figures of the article.

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